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How to Get an Internship and Secure the Job You Have Been Dreaming Of

It seems like the back-to-school season is still in the rearview mirror, but in actuality, it's time to start thinking ahead. I'm not talking about your plans of going home for the semester, or figuring out where you're heading for Spring Break; I'm talking about getting to know how to tailor you résumé and figuring out how to get an internship. But you should know that it's not that easy to just walk into your dream office and say, "Hey, when do we get started?"

So how to get an internship and secure the job you have been dreaming of?
In The Coffee Run and Other Internship Need-To-Knows, Sydney Fulkerson, a self-proclaimed internship expert, gives the internship advice she wishes someone had told her too. She was inspired to share the experiences after her friends kept asking her for tips and tricks.

Here are five ways you can snag your dream internship, based on The Coffee Run and Fulkerson’s first-hand stories.
Start planning for the summer now It’s nev…