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8 Reasons Why Every College Student Needs an Internship

As college students work their way through school, they inch closer to the coveted graduation date and a full-time job. Along the way, there can be constant pressure about getting an internship, and the question of whether it is really worth it or not? These are very good questions that each student thinks about, especially as they transition to upperclassmen status.

Why Are Internships In College So Important?

1.  To Gain Experience: Students that have internships acquire well-rounded experiences and also get their first hands-on experience on how companies work. This provides a valuable understanding of the business and industry in which you want to work in once you graduate.
2.  For Company Requirements: Most companies expect college graduates to have some level of experience, even with entry-level positions. An internship provides the all-important “experience” all students need. The more internship experience you have, especially if you decide to intern with multiple companies throu…

Can Internship really help you secure a permanent job?

Job aspirants keep on looking for all possible opportunities to stand apart in the selection process of an interview. One of the most viable methods is by taking internships in-between your studies or after graduation as it gives an experience which is not imparted through lectures. Internships make you the ideal candidate to be hired. A research by NACE shows that 60% chances are there that your internship may turn into a job opportunity. Interns who spend their time in project management and market analysis etc. have good chances of showcasing their skill. The management wants to see the potential of the interns and they will hire them only when the interns add value to the company by their research and projects. Candidates who complete their internships are considered to be more loyal and their rate of leaving the company in at least five years is less. Companies invest resources and time on grooming the proper candidates for the position. The method of hiring through an internshi…

The Dynamics of Internships

As much as students strive to bag internships in celebrated businesses, businesses are too on the lookout for these young talents. This also leads to the most asked question by students,
Are the businesses seeking cheap labor in the form of interns?
Certainly not! With changing times, the notion that ‘interns are cheap labor’ is also changing drastically. Interns today are seen as potential pools of hires and future talent resources for the business. Internships, thus, are well designed and engaging, facilitating the interns to draw the best from their stint with the professional world and helping the companies nurture potential employees.

Internships aim to enhance a student's academic, career, and personal development. Supervised by a professional or expert in the field of study, an internship offers the students a chance to learn by doing and the opportunity to achieve their own learning goals, without having to meet the obligations of a full-time employee. Meeting new people an…