Can Internship really help you secure a permanent job?

Job aspirants keep on looking for all possible opportunities to stand apart in the selection process of an interview. One of the most viable methods is by taking internships in-between your studies or after graduation as it gives an experience which is not imparted through lectures. Internships make you the ideal candidate to be hired.
A research by NACE shows that 60% chances are there that your internship may turn into a job opportunity. Interns who spend their time in project management and market analysis etc. have good chances of showcasing their skill. The management wants to see the potential of the interns and they will hire them only when the interns add value to the company by their research and projects.
Candidates who complete their internships are considered to be more loyal and their rate of leaving the company in at least five years is less. Companies invest resources and time on grooming the proper candidates for the position. The method of hiring through an internship is very cost effective rather than hiring through mass drives or other processes. So hiring interns by testing him during internships is the best case scenario for the employer as well. In 2015, the intern conversion rate was 51.7%.
A successful intern carries referrals from the employees of internship providing firm which give him their trust, make them influential and that is the highlight of their resume. Interns are tried and tested candidates with time management and teamwork skill set.
International internships add intercultural competencies to the candidate profile. It makes a student a world citizen. Employers would vouch for these candidates who are able to adjust and adapt to world technology and culture. Students and graduates should definitely redefine their goals and opt for best internships possible to get placement as soon as they graduate.
PursueAsia was founded in 2013 in Pune, India. PursueAsia specializes in connecting global students with the right type of internships and consulting services. The company operates in three major locations of India, Dubai, and Singapore. Internships are a significant part of Pursue Asia's educational package. It provides perfect career guidance to graduating students, and alumni; along with internships in all almost every sector of the industry.
If you would like more information on the topic, you could reach us at 020-65310510 or send an email to us at Interested candidates can directly apply for an internship through PursueAsia Internship Program.


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