PursueAsia Now in India

Why is the world more keen and interested to invest and collaborate with India now?
Because India has abundant skilled manpower!

But the question that still pops up is; why do I need to go abroad?

Being aware of the corporate industry and the competition in the market, the education system in India is kind of outdated for it. By the time Indians pass high school, they are clueless of their potential. Most of them do not know what their aptitude is; what their specialization is. And it is necessary to know what you are good at.

The cost of studying at the most prestigious college in India is, sometimes, more than the cost of studying in a college that is among the top 200 of the world.

And why are Indians not taking up the opportunity in spite of being aware of their potential?

Most of the people believe that it is necessary to have somebody already living in some country abroad in order to be able to go there and study. If you have a look at Albert Einstein’s table at the time he died, you can find a mini-library there. If you are not that personal mini-library kind of a person, you need a proper establishment to guide you. India being called the brain hub Country, Indian labor is more in demand abroad than from other countries. They are skilled, they are smart and they are workaholic. But at the same time, to work abroad, it is also necessary to have a prior experience in the relative field; and if Indians are having an international experience in the field, then you need to know that the icing on the cake is going to taste as fresh as it looks.

To get a prior training to work abroad, you need to have experience abroad and that's where PursueAsia comes to help you with all ringing bells. PursueAsia gives you a specially tailored internship program customized as per your requirements.
After receiving a huge demand from all over India, we have now decided to cater our services to an Indian market...

The students now will be getting opportunities to explore the work culture abroad with our specialized programs. Now, all that you have to do is focus on your internship and leave the rest to us. No more worries about the visa application procedure, accommodation, transportation & medical etc.

So friends what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and fly with us.



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