How to turn internship into job?

You just landed a killer Internship at your Dream Company  Congrats! 

While that’s definitely reason to celebrate, it's actually only step one in the process, the most important interview of your life is yet to take place. If you are interested in turning your internship into a full-time job after the completion of your course, there are some specific techniques you can use to increase your chances of getting hired in the company. Chose the correct internship for you- seek out internships that require substantial work. Small and medium sized companies (understaffed) come up with the best opportunities.

  • Make a Good Impression- Adhere to the dress code, office hours and professionalism.Make the rounds, shake hands, and look people in the eye to say goodbye and thank them for the experience. Follow Company Rules and Established Guidelines
  • Network- Use the internship to network with the seniors and colleagues. They are all references, who can recommend you for a job at other companies.Use social media to your advantage.And don’t be shy about commenting on work-related posts people share.
  • Ask questions- Don’t feel shy to ask questions about anything that you want to no. About the company, your job, and objectives.

·    Set goals for yourself- Develop Professional Goals, specific skills, and areas that you want to focus on. Every task that you perform will build up the blocks in your career.

·   Be direct about wanting a job- At the end of the internship, ask about career opportunities. It’s important to let your managers know you’re interested in more than just an internship. Otherwise, they’ll just look for the next intern to fill the shoe you left in the door.

· Develop a Strong Work Ethic- Get the work done in the time period that is given to you.Maintaining a positive attitude gives the employer confidence and a lasting impression as well.

· Show Initiative- Ask for Additional Work.Illustrating your interest in developing new knowledge and skills relevant to the position. Check to see if you can assist others, ask for pending tasks that needs to be done

·  Express Your Appreciation- Once you complete your internship, a short thank you is always appreciated and will leave a favorable impression with the employer. Stay in touch with your supervisor and colleagues.

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