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How to turn internship into job?

You just landed a killer Internship at your Dream Company—Congrats! 
While that’s definitely reason to celebrate, it's actually only step one in the process, the most important interview of your life is yet to take place. If you are interested in turning your internship into a full-time job after the completion of your course, there are some specific techniques you can use to increase your chances of getting hired in the company. Chose the correct internship for you- seek out internships that require substantial work. Small and medium sized companies (understaffed) come up with the best opportunities.
Make a Good Impression- Adhere to the dress code, office hours and professionalism.Make the rounds, shake hands, and look people in the eye to say goodbye and thank them for the experience.Follow Company Rules and Established GuidelinesNetwork- Use the internship to network with the seniors and colleagues. They are all references, who can recommend you for a job at other companies.Use …

Best Time to Apply for an Internship

An internship is a first-class label to triumph as most international companies seek employees equipped with state-of-the-art problem-solving skills and adaptability to new cultures and business practices.
But what is the best time to apply for an internship?

A good time for the right internship would be to start in the semester prior to your final placement by balancing your academics as well as giving you enough time to build on your contacts, resume, and CV. Before Your Final PlacementBefore Spring BreakBegins in Autumn of The YearAround TheTimeUniversities Hold Their Fall Career FairsFrom Late March till Mid May
For most people and organizations, most of the work should be done before spring break. There tends to be a great drop-off in applications considered between early April and the beginning of May.
if you haven’t found an internship by late April or even May, don’t give up. PursueAsia provides perfect career guidance to graduating students and alumni; along with intern…

PursueAsia Now in India

Why is the world more keen and interested to invest and collaborate with India now? Because India has abundant skilled manpower!
But the question that still pops up is; why do I need to go abroad?
Being aware of the corporate industry and the competition in the market, the education system in India is kind of outdated for it. By the time Indians pass high school, they are clueless of their potential. Most of them do not know what their aptitude is; what their specialization is. And it is necessary to know what you are good at.
The cost of studying at the most prestigious college in India is, sometimes, more than the cost of studying in a college that is among the top 200 of the world.
And why are Indians not taking up the opportunity in spite of being aware of their potential?
Most of the people believe that it is necessary to have somebody already living in some country abroad in order to be able to go there and study. If you have a look at Albert Einstein’s table at the time he died, y…