Internship! Internship! Where are you?

Internship! Internship! Where are you? Well! When was the last time you were hired as an intern in any firm? Umm.. The last I had was a year ago during my semester break. Wait! Wait! I'm just joking! Finding internships is not easy as I just quoted. Being a student of an off-Campus college which attracts relatively less such opportunities, getting internship is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. In this fast-paced competitive world, everyone wants internships in order to engage themselves with something productive and creative! Of late, internships have become productive, they have now become a tool to separate oneself from the queue or stand out from the crowd! In short we all are aware about their importance. So, without throwing light into its importance, let's talk about from where we can get these opportunities. Today, everyone has the knowledge of internet or actually is supposed to have. So there are many portals floating in and around on the internet that may help you to find the right internship based upon your interest! This piece compiles a list of such websites which will save your precious time! Some of them are,,,, (especially for those who believe in changing society through their pen), and if you want to try your hand at social work, then is the right place. These sites are considered as search engines for internships. Irrespective of what field you come from, believe me you wouldn't be disappointed! Don't forget to subscribe to a newsletter from these sites too! All the best! Source- For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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