Do you have the zeal to work in the fashion industry: Utilise our pursue Asia internship program?

Internships are very important in the fashion industry. The student is so interested in working for big fashion houses that they do not bother about the hours they are working or the internship paid or not. But it is the combination of skill set hard work and timing that the internship converts to the permanent job. So what zeal is required to sustain the constant pressure? The fashion industry is fast changing and trends are hard to follow. A fashion interns should be quick in adapting to this changes and should be smart enough to track the changes in the trends and should be able to predict which trends are to be repeating. All this sounds simple but it is not. Interns should be clear on which role is best for them before taking the internship otherwise chances are that you may end up doing the groundwork for big fashion houses. Be smart and do not get confused in the limelight of fashion world. Choose the fashion internships in fashion journalism, merchandise designing, fashion designing etc. If you are clear about the roles you want to achieve the pursue Asia’s internship programs are suitable for you. Pursue Asia gives the best opportunity in the fashion industry for you to choose and approach the company and internship are provided as per the skill set and clearing the interview procedures. Placement guidelines are transparent and ethical. The travel procedures and paperwork is taken care by pursueasia for international internships. Big multinational fashion Companies, start-ups, e-commerce fashion companies etc are providing both paid and unpaid internship through pursueAsia.It is beneficial for the internship providing companies to get the internet through pursuing Asia as tit has built the trust of giving the best interns for the company from the past three years. .India has some good fashion institutes like NIFT and other which can be visited in the due course of stay in India, Singapore and Dubai locations of pursueAsia are also great for a fashion internship .Due to global culture and business hub in Dubai and Singapore more opportunities have been available to pursue Asia. The internship through pursueAsia gives us the business networking for both companies which opens the doors for some great permanent jobs in the fashion industry. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity provided by pursueAsia and enhance your zeal to succeed in this crazy competitive world of changing fashion and limelight. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: . -WhatsApp : +91 7768033776


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