Internship has been a learning process

When I came in to interview, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. I figured working for a newspaper would be a cool summer job and could be a great resume builder for the looming college application process, but I didn’t really know what to expect. The idea to apply for the internship came when I realized how journalism was a consistent part of my daily routine. For example, the four most visited sites on my iPhone right now are as follows: Pitchfork (music news/reviews), The Ringer (sports news), Buzzfeed (pop culture/goofy news), and the Star Tribune. But it wasn’t until I interviewed that I fully realized why I like news, and what makes for good journalism. After quickly going through a few standard questions my interviewer, Daily Journal Editor Tim Engstrom, asked an unexpected one. “What do you do if you’re writing an article about a short person?” What? I hadn’t expected this question and had no idea what the right answer could possibly be. I scoured my mind to come up with a good answer and the best I came up with was an unsure sounding “That’s a good question.” He replied with a sure sounding “You give their height in feet and inches.” This simple answer and Engstrom’s further explanation on how the details are what makes good journalism initiated an awakening in my mind. When I meet somebody for the first time, a common question I ask is if they are in any sports. An answer of yes would spark no connection or interest. I want to know what sport they are in, what position they play, how the season is going, what teams do they go up against, etc. I want to know details. The answer to the next question came naturally. He asked “What do you do if you’re writing a story about a bike?” I gave an elated response of “You find out what kind of bike it is.” This detail-oriented outlook has given my internship a sort “Law & Order” or “CSI” type of feeling to everything I do. I get a basic question or story idea and dig up everything I can through research or interviews to get a full picture. A story about something as simple as a house can be investigated like a murder mystery. What color is the house? Brown? What shade of brown? Who painted it? What brand of paint did they use? The questions build off of each other and can go on and on until something of depth is created I am not by any means a master of this journalistic approach to thinking, but this internship has so far been a great experience in further developing my sense of wonder. Source- fergusfallsjournal For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: . -WhatsApp : +91 7768033776


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