Best time to apply for International Internship program & how to get it?

Internships provide hands-on experience, practical knowledge and even contribute to your college credits. So reading this all the students will be interested in joining internship but the question is how, whenwhere. To answer all these queries we will discuss the details here. Internships around your place are easy to get as you know how old is the company there can be some contacts from school and colleges but international internships are different! You need to be strategic to get the best opportunity in the company of your interest. Be specific about your interest and aspirations. The first things you know is what you want to do in life. Where to reach. Make roadmap from your career. See how you can achieve this by planning your subjects of interest and skillset you want to acquire. Research about the companies in foreign countries which are providing internship ofyourinterest. Make an excel sheet and keep following them for updates. Learn how soon the companies release their internship updates. What all things are required to apply for that. Work on your cover letter. You need to approach each company with the specific cover letter and required documents. Know what's the correct time to send anemail. Do not spam, understand when the companies respond. Make contact with the interns of college students through forums and groups to know what is the timeline of reply to emails. Which department is responsible for replying to the internship queries etc. All this is done then make a plan how you will approach the companies in sequence. If you want to apply for summer internships how before you should apply. Send emails on Mondays in office timings etc. ask for internships on research or development etc. Whether it is paid or not. Will they give credits for internships or they will give recommendation letters?etc. All you have to negotiate. Some students have luck in this regards but some students fail to apply on time as they have not done the ground work. For such students, the easiest way to approach is the internship providing companies like pursueAsia for example. They provide year round internships. They facilitate you to approach the companies. Again one more important factor in international internship is travel and accommodation, you should be well aware of your internship period. What will be the weather of the company where you go for the internship? These all factors are time specific for this reason also you may contact the internship providing companies who are mediators in between these companies and students who charge you for their services and provide all the groundwork information which might take you a year to figure out on your own. The best way is to explore and achieve. All the best. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: . -WhatsApp: +91 7768033776


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