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In today’s competitive world and a very dynamic job market merely having a degree from a reputed college is not enough to get the best employment opportunities. A Good academic track record is important, but what is more significant is on field experience. An internship is the best way to gain hands on experience in your chosen field. However a top of the ladder with the probability of getting chosen for the best prospective job much higher. As is true with the other fields, Law is also a field that gives equal importance to internships and there is quite a lot to gain from the global internship programs. Law as a field is quite diverse and practical experience is imperative in order to excel. An internship abroad helps you understand the various aspects of Law in a better way and from different perspectives as the laws of different countries are quite diverse. It is our constant endeavour at Pursue Asia to provide students with the best international internship opportunities in their chosen fields. We have collaborations with a strong network of companies and law firms to provide you with the best global internship internship is even more valuable as it gives you wide exposure and puts you right at the Our legal internship programs cover all the major areas of law such as Corporate Law, Civil, Family and Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Property Law and more. While you learn the basic fundamentals of law at college level, the ability to apply the concepts and principles in the appropriate manner in the real world is gained only from experience. Our internship programs offer the students this opportunity to understand how to put procedure into practice and have a better understanding of law. Through our internship programs provided by our legal partners you get valuable experience of working closely with attorneys on their ongoing cases. The scope of work at internship level includes legal research, interpretation and basic drafting, preparation of case notes, and assisting lawyers in the preparation of their cases. With the internship programs we help students hone and develop their legal and cognitive skills and increase their knowledge base which are attributes quintessential for a bright future in the legal field. Browse through our website to know more about the global legal internship programs offered by Pursue Asia. WhatsApp: +91 7768033776


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