Top 5 things I have learned while doing Internship in India?

India is known as incredible India, not for any minor reason there are many reasons which make India incredible. The first and foremost, the diversity of culture and industries both are amazing.Skilled manpower and abundant thinking brain what else is stopping us from taking a job in India?That is the reason India is the first choice to consider applying for an international internship in India. I have been a learner all my life. I plan my career to be multifaceted. I don't want to be among the same set of people. I want to be global for this reason my first choice for the internship was India. India as a destination is best to explore. The natural beauty, a divine combination of Mountains, Plateaus, coastal regions etc. The climate is superb. People speak different languages but English is one of the prominent languages which is the best part; it makes the communication easier. Career wise if I consider an internship in India then I am looking at the diverse sectors. India is a developing country. Its economy is growing. With the start-up boast, there are unique ideas floating around. I am able to communicate my ideas. See the action on my planning and my views being considered. Indian people are friendly and it’s very easy to get adjusted here. People are very hospitable and they are inviting. While visiting my colleague’s families I have been so grateful of their generous nature. They are able to accommodate people and consider them as a part of their families. Food is good. While India is famous to be a spicy nation but during my internship I was able to explore many food items which were non-spicy and prepared in a natural way. India was a part of many colonies like Portuguese, England, Mughalsetc. so food is different in different parts of India. Knowing my limits, I enjoyed the food journey in India. India Interns also have a privileges to serve the NGOs which are doing do much for the society. Being a part of them is so much easier and learning is immense. This type of activities while internships develop the personal skills of empathy and selfless work culture in the intern. India is an economic destination for shopping. It is very amazing to see the food and gift items at an affordable rate. The different ways of marketing the flea markets, farmers market are quite fascinating. My experience has been great working in metropolitan cities. They are equipped will all modern facilities. Almost all global chains of hotels and eating outlets and here so do not feel away from home. Top five things if I have to mention will be the hospitality of Indians, Immense and diverse market for all job sectors, great tourist destinations, easy to make global contacts and favourable weather are the best takeaways. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: . -WhatsApp: +91 7768033776


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