Reasons why you shouldn’t ignore non-paid internships

Let’s be honest, internships can be a daunting experience. Putting your blood and sweat into work without any expectation of... Let’s be honest, internships can be a daunting experience. Putting your blood and sweat into work without any expectation of getting paid may seem unsettling. You may start thinking if it’s at all worth it. Hold on to your horses before jumping into any conclusion and passing that life changing opportunity of an internship. Be it paid or unpaid. Keep reading to give yourself more reasons to take the first step for pursuing your life’s ambition. Resume Make no mistake, your internship experience is going to boost your resume while you get a taste of the real world. It will set up a platform for you to work in the field of your career choice while giving an insight of enough know-how for you to survive in the job market. Contacts Internships will greatly shape you to glide into the direction of your career. It will expand your horizons of knowledge, moulding you into a strong candidate for a potential job in the ever-so-competitive job market. Most importantly, it creates great opportunities for making new contacts to feature in your professional network. Utilising your networking skills can even take you to the right people at the right time and even land you a full time, paid job! The unpaid factor Some businesses, may it be a non-profit organisation or a start up, don’t usually pay their interns for their efforts. The reason is simple- they are not obligated to. They do not necessarily need YOUR services. They probably have plenty of potential candidates vying on that internship notice. It is also likely that the payment does not fit into their budget. So the opportunity cost of turning down the unpaid internship for you, is too high. To be fair, the unpaid factor seems meagre in comparison with the golden ticket to step into the world full of opportunities. The trial period Internships can be looked at as a “free trial period.” The reason it is free is quite obvious. Organisations actually use internships as a trial period where interns are assessed on different criteria. If you can make the cut, you are welcomed aboard and a permanent member of the team. Freshly out of school, you are lined up with a job for which you are qualified as you are already accustomed to the job environment and shaped perfectly with training. After getting an insight into the experience of unpaid internship, all the points can be co-related to one very important thing: getting a full time job that pays well. Internships may not amount to hefty pay-cheques even after the hard labour poured into the work. However, the experience gained in the process in your desired work field is priceless. You must remember, there is a competitive job market out there. So all the work experience, network and knowledge you gain will surely be helpful when you are applying for a full time position at your desired organisation. Therefore, keep everything in mind and think twice before letting the golden ticket slip away. Source-dhakatribune For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: . -WhatsApp: +91 7768033776


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