Why company prefer employees with Internship experience?

Fresh Graduates often notice that whenever they go for an interview or fill up forms regarding interviews they are asked about the prior work experience. Even for campus placements employers ask the same. Graduates and students often try to take up any jobs during summer break or any vacation to show that they have worked but this is not what the employer wants to see. Indirectly they are asking for specific job experience related to their field which can be easily achieved through internships. Internships are planned so you know how much time you will be employed? What experience you will receive? Sometimes you get even paid for some internship; some might even take you to the opportunity where you get a permanent job offer letter. According to statistics of NACE, there is 80% employee retention rate for an employee selected by internship program for a company for around five years. Employee retention is a major criterion a company evaluates whenever it hires a new resource. With an internship, you come to the safe zone of employers trust. Internship experience also portrays the student’s area of interest, the recommendations along with the internship give them an extra opinion about your work quality. It’s like tried and tested professionally. Many employers also seek where you have done your internship? It gives you an added advantage if you have worked with a reputed company during your internship you carry the business network along with you which employers can use for growth and development. The intern’s ideas and business skills are chiselled by their former internship so they thing as per the market trends. The biggest and the most important aspect of hiring a candidate with prior internship experience is that the company has to spend less on its grooming and training because they are ready to go on board and start giving results soon rather that the candidates who have no prior experience. So be wise and use your internship experience to the fullest for getting an edge over your interviews and job prospects. Join pursueAsia’s international internship program and add power to you resume. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: http://www.pursueasia.com


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