Internships have value, whether or not students are paid?

Many of us may feel that if you are working for free then you are not being fair. Students hesitate to take up unpaid internships opportunities despite being a reputed company. But this may not be true. Internships may sound unpaid for the interns but it is a cost to the company to facilitate an intern for 2-3 months. Necessary training is provided, experienced people are appointed to provide information and help the interns. The risk is taken by involving them and giving access to them in live projects. So why the internships are called unpaid internships? Are the companies taking advantage of free labour through internships? The answer is no! The companies want to get new ideas but they might not have so many funds to invest but their projects might be very important for an intern’scareer. The experience gained is more important than to be just get paid from the companies point of view also they try to accommodate the intern sand groom them to be future employees. But they want to be sure so they cut down on initial cost to the company by reducing the interview and mass drives etc. and simply choose to design a great internship program. Students should think about the future and if the project interests them or the company is a reputed one or there are chances to get a permanent job opportunity then they should not think about getting paid or not. Around 80% chances are there that whether paid or non-paid internships may end up in a promising job offer after graduation. Like student's employers are also interested in finding the best employee and the employee should be loyal. Tidies have shown that employees with internships show 80-90% loyalty towards their company and their retention rate is great. So the employers choose to go by internship method of choosing the right candidate. Unpaid internships show how motivated and dedicated you are about your passion to work in a company which gives you an edge over the rest of the candidates applying for the same position. So take a rational decision and choose the best from the best! Pursue Asia provides both paid and non-paid internships to check the opportunities for carving a bright future. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit:


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