PursueAsia international Internship Program and how it will be beneficial for Interns?

Do you know how many students are willing to take up internships? According to the survey by NACE approximately 63 % of students took an internship in 2015.Students are now becoming aware of how much an on job experience matters to the companies. A start up or an established companies what to intake only those individuals who have worked in an organisation, who knows the initiative taken to complete the project. Companies do not want to invest time to grooming fresh graduates until and unless they are sure these candidates are clear what they want to do and what is their preferred profile. PursueAsia takes this scenario as a challenge to give the industry some great manpower that they have ever imagined. The international internships provided help with the students to grow as a skilled professional. PursueAsia helps to connect the world students to great organisations who are looking for interns from generic to advanced skillset. PursueAsia has an advantage of beautiful locations and great industry hubs in Asia like its offices in Dubai, Singapore and India. This attracts the interns to get the best industry experience in a tourist destination. Students get to increase their multicultural aspect by taking International internships in diverse countries and cities. Team work, interaction networking and method of work is the three things an intern can experience through this program. An Industry hub with a wide range of specialised and modern technology is all that an intern looks for in an internship. PurseuAsia provides a variety of internships in all possible sectors of the industry. The industry ranges from start-ups multinational companies. The employers and interns are chosen by the interactive interview on the telephone and online. There is a transparent way to communication between internship provider, pursueAsia and the Intern. The main aspect of taking internships is the obvious need of permanent job opportunity in the leading companies. Employers are always in the requirement of skilled professionals. When they provide internships they look for their prospect employees among the interns. Many internship providers offer permanent job opportunities to the students through pursue Asia off course conditions apply. Interns can choose the internships as paid and non-paid and month they want to enrol. All flexibility is provided. Coming to a different country and working in there for two -three months is not easy. Here facilities of pursueAsia are fantastic. The team makes the prearrangements travel then arrival, stay and departure are taken care by pursueAsia according to the intern's needs. PursueAsia creates a good environment for its interns to experience the local culture also. The business networking through corporate get-togethers, excellent hospitality and great communication between the team is what makes it different from any other internship provider company. One company, variety of internships in a different sector, transparent way of communication and best internship experience is all guaranteed by pursueAsia’s international internship program. Come join us and carve a way towards success! For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: http://www.pursueasia.com


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