How to land an Internship for Fashion Design?

Fashion designing is a very old and challenging stream. As fashion keeps on changing by season so the people who are working in this industry need to be very creative and their ideas should be fresh. Students or college graduates who are interested in Internship in fashion designing have to be really careful and futuristic towards achieving their goal and placing themselves in the great industry. Here are some strategic steps where you can plan your future in fashion designing and land and Internship opportunity for fashion designing. Show your interest in Fashion-Prepare your profile and resume in such a way where you can show that you are interested in fashion and have creative ideas and are always up to date with the designer world. Read Magazines and follow CEO strategies of big fashion Houses-Read industry related magazines, Dig into success stories, strategy stories etc. Gather information what is in fashion and what is outdated. Research on Profile-Be sure where you want to go and which profile you want to pursue. Don’t just apply in the company just to work in it and let them figure out where they can use your talent. As it is a very creative and competitive field. You have to be sure about your skill set. Work towards the skill updating nd hen approach your dream companies where you want to work in future. Research the company-When you are ready and approaching the company for an internship interview. Be sure about your ideas and plans for the company. They want to hire the people who can bring value to their company. Be sure and do not go overboard with adding your life story in the resume. Elaborate your professional skills. With proper approach and correct strategy and honesty, you can get your resume to attract the internship providing companies. If you need any extra guidance you can turn into the mentors. Pursue Asia does all these things for you. PursueAsia helps and guides students to get into well-designed internship opportunities in Asia. They have a lot of start-ups as well as multinational companies and they guide you how to apply for those positions. Be clear and be precise and get the bag the best opportunity in fashion designing through pursues Asia internship programs. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit:


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