Does Internship facilitate you in getting your dream job?

Planning a career ahead helps students to land into their career of their choice. A few years back a lot of emphases were given to academics, parents and teachers would emphasize on getting good grades, getting a chance to go to reputed colleges like Harvard etc. But with this huge change in recent years the perspective has changed even colleges want all-rounder students. The students should be good in grades as well as with a strong personality and work experience. You might be surprised to hear work experience in student days and don't get confused that this is related to earning some extra cash after school working etc. Work experience means internship. Internships provide work experience to the students by working for some company in real projects. Statistic from various survey's shows that 80% of students get selected for jobs if they have done internships during their academic years. These helps students to test their abilities to sustain the pressure of a corporate. Internships are provided by many companies who want fresh skilled professional with great innovative ideas. Some intern may be paid during the course of internship but many may not be paid. Butit’s the experience that matters. It helps the students to map their career. Students who are driven by motive and goals in reaching a particular position in their career seek internships in the company they want to work in future. If they get the internship and impress the employers with their skills and attributes they might start working from the first day after graduation without struggling to make their resume get attention. Internships were available earlier also but the momentum was not gained .Interned students used to attend career fairs and apply to each company and wait for the results to get internship opportunities but now it's so easy .there are a lot of companies which helps students to choose the right career internships and numerous companies can approach them for that .One of the leading internship providers is PursieAsia.It helps the students to take right career decisions and enrol in the best designed international internship programs in Asia which give them best exposure and business networking and help them land their dream job. One resourceful company, reputed internship provider companies and a dream job that what pursue Asia helps the students to achieve. Enrol today! For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit:


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