Student intern program a positive push for careers

Libby High School students enrolled in internships through the mentorship program at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center last school year had overwhelmingly positive results, according to program supervisors. Although many of the students were not able to perform some of the duties of the higher-level professionals, they were given hands-on experience, responsibility and accountability. The interns were given experience of the hiring process, including how to write a resume and statement of intent. The students then gave interviews in front of a panel at Cabinet Peaks and were chosen for which professional they were going to shadow. “I haven’t heard of any negative experiences, all fantastic,” mentorship program director April Rewerts said. “The internship made me want to go into the medical field. I got to do my own tests and work with the lab-tech, and see what blood looks like,” Bailey Rosling, a former intern, said. Rosling is currently enrolled at the University of Montana, pursuing a degree in psychology. She said her ultimate goal is to someday work in a children’s hospital. “I was in the nursing and imaging department and I thought I wanted to go into nursing but ended up changing my mind and now I’m going into radiology,” Cierra Stewart, another intern, said. Stewart is currently taking classes at Flathead Valley Community College’s Lincoln County campus and plans on transferring for radiology. “We kept in contact with the students, to hold them accountable, that way they were more engaged and well-rounded,” Rewerts said. The students are expected to write daily and weekly journals and have 1-2 evaluations through the semester from their employer. The program assists students in figuring out their future career path. Rewerts said that many of the students who said they knew what they were going to do for a career before the internship ended up changing their minds. “It’s been great for our employees to get an opportunity to teach the young interns,” Kate Stephens, public relations director for Cabinet Peaks, said. “The patients really enjoy seeing them around as well.” Next year, Northwest Community Health Center, Les Shwab, Alpine Precision Inc. and the Plummer Preschool each plan on taking interns. Source- thewesternnews For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit:


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