Get to experience the incredible India with Pursue Asia Internship Program

Here is a calling to all students and fresh graduates who want to pursue internship courses in India. PursueAsia gives a fabulous opportunity to students from all across the globe to come and apply for internships offered in the rich cultural land of - India. As we all know, India is one of the fastest growing economies right now, and lots of international brands have established their presence in India. This is where you get to experience the most versatile opportunities to build a better career. Usually, internships are either paid or unpaid, but PursueAsia aims to redefine the entire experience by introducing ‘rewards’ instead of stipend, wherein PursueAsia comes up with exciting new offers from time to time. This April, PursueAsia introduces a fabulous offer for all the interns opting for the India Internship package. The offer promises immense benefits as the internship price for 4 weeks goes down to £ 1599 and 8 weeks to £ 2199 for India. There is also an opportunity for you to win a weekend trip to GOA. Interns can also opt to get enrolled for an exclusive sightseeing and yoga workshop. An industrial visit will also be provided to people opting for a few specific sectors. PursueAsia pioneers in providing international Internships in India. It has a highly reputed clientele which provide amazing opportunities for interns to put forth their fresh ideas and earn recognition from the peers. PursueAsia recognises the industry demands and designs a perfect international internship program for you to have the experience of your life! Being with PursueAsia, interns need not worry about the logistics and accommodation, as PursueAsia provides an exquisite arrangement for its interns keeping in mind that they are coming from different countries. India is a multicultural location which helps interns build rapport with people from different places, thereby building a global outlook. India has a powerful business network which is influential for interns who seek permanent employment in the specified sector. Students earn good credits for their internships and it is recognised in a wide range of universities. Come forward and get value for money and an experience that’s going to stay with you for all your life. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore,please visit :


  1. Aditya Dhadich, CEO of PursueAsia is a fraud and cheat. We paid him over 1.15 lakh for Thailand internship in June, 2017 but the guy went absconding. After repeated searches and follow-up we got offer letters in February, 2018. Although we fully paid up but had to get the visas done ourselves after arranging all documentation from Thailand on our own. Aditya never paid for hostel accommodation on time leading to eviction from the hostel on more than one occasion. Eventually he paid for hostel for just 1 month for a 6 month long internship. For the 2nd month we had to pay hostel fees. Later he gave us post dated cheques for over 50 thousand for refund of our money for further period of internship. However the cheques have been dishonoured by his bank for lack of funds. We are initiating legal recourse to get our money back. Please don't trust this cheat. He is the smoothest talker you'll ever meet in your life but the most untrustworthy person I've ever met in my lifetime.


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