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As we all know Filmmaking is a very creative profession. This field requires years of experience, freshideas, cut through technology knowledge and a futuristic vision. Filmmaking sector has the following profiles • Scriptwriting • Casting • sound recording • Editing • Post Production • Publicity • Direction • Screenplay writing • And much more. The film industry is spread all over the world. Regional, international and documentary all are produced and seen by audiences worldwide. A fair share of filmmaking is in Asia. Asian countries like India, Singapore and Dubai etc. have international markets for projecting their vision through filmmaking. There are a lot of acclaimed production houses which offer internships to students from all over the world to come and join the vision of filmmaking. Many students often opt for the fields they are interested in. Many companies like paramount pictures films, RajshriFilms, MGM etc. Offer internships to fresh talents. Pursue Asia provided the best internships available in filmmaking in Asia. Interns are properly introduced to the business network of film industry through proper channels. The beautiful locations of Asia and experienced personnel from the industry help them to bring out their inner talent. Later interns assist major filmmakers and make their contribution felt to the industry. Many interns may get permanent opportunities in this fast growing industry. What else any intern can ask for. Withpursue Asia internships, programs are well-designed, transparent method of transaction and a proper approach. Interns enjoy their creative journey and good hospitality from the company. Filmmaker looks for interns who are reliable, creative and self-starters and responsible. PursueAsia makes sure that the right intern is matched correctly to the internship profile. Trust is an important part of internship which pursue Asia build with its interns and the internship providing company. Career goals become easier and the path becomes smooth. Here in pursue Asia film internship programs bring the best to you, come join the vision. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


  1. Aditya Dhadich, CEO of PursueAsia is a fraud and cheat. We paid him over 1.15 lakh for Thailand internship in June, 2017 but the guy went absconding. After repeated searches and follow-up we got offer letters in February, 2018. Although we fully paid up but had to get the visas done ourselves after arranging all documentation from Thailand on our own. Aditya never paid for hostel accommodation on time leading to eviction from the hostel on more than one occasion. Eventually he paid for hostel for just 1 month for a 6 month long internship. For the 2nd month we had to pay hostel fees. Later he gave us post dated cheques for over 50 thousand for refund of our money for further period of internship. However the cheques have been dishonoured by his bank for lack of funds. We are initiating legal recourse to get our money back. Please don't trust this cheat. He is the smoothest talker you'll ever meet in your life but the most untrustworthy person I've ever met in my lifetime.


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