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Students study hard .They want to just bring up their fresh ideas forward .They want others to know what talent they have and they need to get a piece of appreciation for their contribution. Teachers, parents and peers try to provide the best knowledge they can to encourage young talents.In the same way, Internships gives the same opportunity to students and graduates enhance their skills. During internships, interns learn under the guidance of experienced professionals who try to shape up the careers of these young talents.The internship days are filled with understanding the work flow of every company. Interns get to interact with all the people working there. Like how different people have different responsibilities and how they contribute to the working of the company. There are different qualities in interns, some are good in communications,some are good in analysis, some hardworking and some in innovation.During this period intern comes to know what he is good at and which profile he is suitable for. Interns are given different tasks according to their skill set but some may be different as per their projected skills .Interns get an insight to the industry they are working in and they can make their choice whether it suits them or not, which role is best suitable to them according to the appreciation they got for their peers during completing the task. From studies point of view internships helps students earn credits which help them to improve their academic records. Students can apply for the extra credit earned from university and get into great colleges for future studies. So far we have talked about good internship experiences but what if the experience was not good. The intern did not get to perform as per his caliber, they are not happy with the facility of the organization.The job responsibility given to them was under their caliber .Some interns may underperform .So what to this situation suggests? It suggests that interns have to work harder on their skills take extra training and extra subjects to specialize and make a good choice of the next job or upcoming internship. Students’ career is very delicate it needs guidance at every stage from teachers, parents , employers ,coworkers etc. Right internship programs are one step in building a good and stable career. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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