Make the most of your internship

In an effort to market themselves to future employers better, students choose internships that help them further their careers. Times have changed and one no longer has to seek assistance from their well-placed relatives to ask for favors. So how to make the most of the dream internship you've landed up with? Here's taking a look... - Be prepared and know that you will not be entrusted with the most important jobs. You'll mostly be assisting your seniors and make their lives a li'l easier. But know that this is a part of the process and will help you in knowing things in and out... Showing that you can do boring jobs well will help further your chances of being assigned more important tasks. - Observe how others around you are working and adjust. Don't emulate them completely, but understand what's important - where do they go for lunches (cafeteria, eat at their desks or have a separate lunch room altogether). Speaking to those around you (without disturbing them, of course) will also help you learn quite a lot. Their journey might not be similar to yours, but approach matters. - Unless you are a social media intern or just taking a break for a while, avoid using social networking sites. - Ask for reviews. Be open to suggestions and ready to take in whatever your seniors have to say of your work. It will only enhance your work-style. - Dress well. And by that, we do not mean going OTT. But not the way you dress in your college. Ditch those capris, flip-flops, low-waist jeans. It may throw wrong signals. Be fun, be graceful. Source-timesofindia.indiatimes For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore,please visit :


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