15 Questions to ask on the First Day of an Internship

The first day of an internship can be intimidating, nerve-racking, and exciting all at the same time. Although you’ll be experiencing all of these emotions, there are some questions you must remember to ask your boss on the first day of your internship to ensure a smooth work experience. 1) What time do you expect me to be at work in the morning? 2) Where is the bathroom? 3) How do lunch breaks work? 4) Is there anyone that would take me to lunch, so that I can get acclimated? 5) Where is the coffee machine? 6) What is the process for requesting time off? 7) Who am I reporting to throughout the internship? 8) What are your goals for me throughout this internship? 9) Are there any routine tasks that must be completed at the beginning and end of the work day? 10) What software programs will I be using throughout the internship? 11) How often would you like me to report my process throughout various assigned tasks and projects? 12) What are some ways I can transition smoothly into excelling in this position? 13) How often is compensation disbursed and which method of receiving it is preferred? 14) What should I be aware of regarding your style of management? 15) What is the attire of the office? Source- campuslately For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit: http://www.pursueasia.com


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