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Our great leader Mahatma Gandhi said, "The future depends on what you do today”. It helps us to see what is before us at present. Students are always in search of shaping their future. They want to do everything which makes them outstanding so that they can have best future prospects. But it is not easy to map everything some things are taught to you as the time passes. Maturity comes with age! Our elders and teacher’s give their best to guidance to us but since they might not have all around experience in all sectors so students should not stop searching themselves. They should decide what to do next! Many times it happens that students are clueless to choose from a variety of subjects, a variety of choices in career etc. They fear that one wrong step taken can affect their career and spoil their academic or career path. So to be sure of what you want to do when you complete your education or which job profile suits you better or to know whether you are an entrepreneur or not you should opt for internships opportunities. Internships help you to seek the questions within you, your strengths and weaknesses. You get and industry insight. You get industry mentors who guide you and help to achieve the path of success. So why internships and not vocational courses or training. Well, in training and course you are competing in gaining knowledge and learning something new but in internships, you get to implement your knowledge, test your worth in real life job profiles, understand the corporate structure, time management etc. If the student has the motive to get a job as soon as he /she is out of college then they should start taking internships in the respective field and that company might give them permanent job opportunities too. No need to struggle for jobs where no one knows you, here you does not have someone to recommend you. Yes, teachers and principals can write recommendation letters and speak highly of you but what if your mentor of internship gives the letter saying you increased his productivity you made him profit! Getting this recommendation will rank you higher than any other candidate you have only excelled academically. But again a question which internship company, will it give me permanent job opportunity? What if I don't excel in that company? The answer to all this is Pursue Asia! PursueAsia provides a common platform; it gives you choices to the internships available, it gives you the guidance through interviews in various profiles where you wish to apply so you get the best opportunity. It helps you adjust to international travels and gives you safe and comfortable stay throughout your internship program. Best industry networking, well-designed internship opportunities and international internships in beautiful tourist locations like Dubai, Singapore and India etc. Stop getting confused about your career and take the best decision to join PursueAsia for best international internship programmes. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit:


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