How to Create a Stress-Free Internship Workspace

We all know internships can be stressful. With employers who expect quite a lot from students working out in the “real world” and our own desire to do everything that they ask for perfectly, these positions put a load of pressure on us. When this is combined with the expectations of our professors, peers, and friends, in other aspects of our lives, the workload and of course, stress-load, can become immense. There have to be ways to manage this stress so that it doesn’t become too much, and end up consuming your mind and your life. Often, stress relief can be found in the little things. There is not much you can do about big projects and looming deadlines for internships, but there is something you can do about the environment you do your work in and the organization of your workspace. Here are a few ideas to help you create a stress-free workspace at your internship that will inspire you to accomplish all of your tasks, while maintaining a relaxed and positive attitude throughout. 1. Clear the way! One of the biggest contributors to stress is clutter. Granted, some of us are more susceptible to clutter-induced anxiety than others. When your workspace is disorganized, it can be difficult to organize your thoughts, not to mention your work. So take a few minutes at the beginning or end of each day to straighten up: recycle papers you no longer need, put away pens and pencils, and organize the files and paper you do need into piles or drawers. 2. Stock up on gum and mints. Sometimes we just need a minute to look away from our work and be refreshed. Keep your favorite flavor of gum or mints around so that when you are getting weary of staring at your computer screen or working on a project, you can take your mind off the task for a moment to chew on a little something and just enjoy the flavor. 1. Keep headphones handy. Another way to alleviate stress is through music. It can be enormously helpful to put in some headphones and jam out to your favorite song when your work is becoming monotonous or overwhelming. Maybe even make a playlist of just a few upbeat songs that will lift your spirits and re-energize you to get through the rest of your day 4. Use photos as a reminder. A good way to get through tough and especially demanding assignments is to remind yourself why you are there doing them in the first place. Everyone has different reasons for doing what they do; ask yourself what yours are. Is it to make a difference in a certain field? To make your family proud? To fulfill personal goals? Then ask yourself what motivates you to do these things, and put up photos that will remind you of these inspirations, support systems, and goals: family, friends, pets, role models, places you want to work or go to, whatever they may be. Then when you look up from your draining work, you will be rejuvenated by the people or things that have gotten you to where you are, and have inspired you to do what you do. And you’ll be ready to keep going. 5. Stay happy, stay hydrated. Often when people are stressed they forget to drink water — or even worse, they focus on coffee instead. Don’t get me wrong, coffee can be a lifesaver, but to prevent dehydration, it should be paired with lots of water. Dehydration can be the cause of painful headaches, increasing stress. By keeping a water bottle at your desk, you’ll be more inclined to drink throughout the day and stay hydrated. 1. Don’t forget your slippers. Cozy feet can make your whole self happy. Keep a pair of comfy slippers in your drawer and slip them onto your feet while you’re working at your desk. Close your eyes and let the stress melt away as you wiggle your toes in your warm, soft slippers. 2. Tea With its herbal taste, and calming smell, tea can be incredibly stress relieving. Place your favorite mug on your desk alongside your preferred flavor of tea — green tea, mint tea, and if you need some caffeine, black tea. And when the stress begins to cloud your mind, brew a warm cup of tea and enjoy its soothing effects. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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