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Whatever appliances we use are all inventions of this vast field of Electronics and Telecommunications. The consumer market for Electronic goods is vast. The research and development team always comes up with some or the other new product.There is a constant demand for skilled professionals in this sector for employment.Electronics discipline is divided into hardware, software, and maintenance.Many universities offer Diploma Degree and Management courses.Each year thousands of students enroll and after completing the studies enter the job market.It is a very competitive field as it has a number of sophisticated job profiles right from technicians to management level.The career growth in this field is tremendous and the salary is great! Employers always look for the experienced and trained professionals to handle the fast-changing and global jobs.To get a good start in the industry, students and college graduates take up internships and vocational training courses. These not only improve their grades but also gives them the idea of profile they want to look forward in this Electronics and Telecommunication industry. Asia has many product based companies.They are among the biggest suppliers of electronic goods, right from domestic to industrial products.Most of the students look for working in any of the product based company to understand the process and make innovations of their own. PursueAsia has its roots in two of the main suppliers of domestic electronic goods of the world.They are Dubai and Singapore.Many companies issue internships to international students.With PursueAsia, you get a proper exposure to the best in industry internship programs.These internship programs allow you to understand the foreign culture, new business network, relevant experience and secured and comfortable stay.So why to wait! Come join us and reap the benefits of the International Internship programs through PursueAsia. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit : http://www.pursueasia.com


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