Why should you opt for an Internship regardless whether it is paid or unpaid?

The internship provides us the real life job experience without actually being an employee for the company. It gives students an idea of active projects, job responsibilities and team work. Choosing a right internship program is tough but many students go for those internships which are paid or has some minimum wages promised. It is good in a way that you are being appreciated by money for your time and skillset but do you think it should be the only criteria while choosing? What about the unpaid internships, why they are not providing stipends? Let’s dig deep in this matter …. A non-paid internship is that whose interns do not get any monetary benefits but they acquire the acknowledgement from the employer apart from on job experience. Small start-ups or many of research and development firms may not have funds for new employees but they need assistance in their project so they offer free internship programs where students and graduates have the full liberty to get a hands-on experience on the project and learn the basics of the specified area. The projects can be very interesting and may mark the biggest invention of its time. This doesn’t mean that the services rendered through an intern are a pro bono job. A company has to invest a lot with respect to time and training. It is not free as it sounds. The knowledge of an intern is what is gained in the process. When you apply for another permanent job the acknowledgement from the internship providing firm and their good words about your expertise can highlight your resume and get bright prospects for future job opportunities or even independent business. Paid or non-paid internship both provides the same thing which a student or fresh graduate looks for at the start of his/her career. The knowledge and relevant experience and employer’s acknowledgement gives you the best word in your favour on which your future employer hires you. So interns should not reject the non-paid internship opportunities as the monetary benefits may be less but the brand name and business connections may open new doors for you. Be wise and choose the best internship program for yourself! For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit : http://www.pursueasia.com


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