Fashion Internship for Your Dream Job: 10 Ways to Get That Summer Gig

Has it been your dream job to work in fashion? Then you should know that the best way to get ahead is to land an internship. Internships give you invaluable experience. That same experience gives you the edge. However, fashion internships are not easy to land and they're quite competitive. Ask anyone who's ever interned in a fashion company and they'll tell you that it's one of the most competitive industries, and everyone is gunning for the same spot. You don't want to just send off your resume into the ether and hope for the best. Which is why the tips below can give you a head start at landing a summer fashion internship? Summer fashion internships can be exhausting, work-intensive and demanding but if this will land your dream job, then it should be worth the experience. 1. Start Early - Don't start right before summer. Start searching several months in advance. Make sure to pay attention to deadlines. 2. Nail Your Cover Letter - Approach your campus career office to help you perfect and proof your cover letter. Make sure it's not generic and it should be unique. It should have something that isn't on your resume. The guide suggests that you should include specific details about the company and why you'd like to work for them. 3. Perfect your Resume - If you're looking for an intern job then you don't have enough experience. Avoid lengthy resumes. Keep it to one page and break it down by category like "Fashion Experience" which is an extreme must but don't forget to add another category like "Journalism Experience" if you're looking at a magazine company. Flying Saucer suggests that if you haven't had any relevant experience, you can always indicate extracurricular activities that you've taken to prepare for such an internship. 4. Subscribe To The Right Sources - Most internships are acquired through school or personal connections but there are many postings online as well. Check out Pursueasia Pvt Ltd and see if you'd like to subscribe there. Don't forget to follow companies through Twitter and keep up to date with trends and announcements. 5. Reach Out - When an online internship opens up, you can be sure that the company will be flooded with applications. According to Bustle, if there's a certain company that interests, don't wait for them to post. Instead, send your resume and cover letter off to the appropriate person. Specify you're interested in a summer internship. 6. Pay Attention To Requirements - Make sure you follow the guidelines and requirements. If they need three copies, send only three. Not following instructions can foil your chances. Companies like to be organized and these guidelines are a must-to follow. 7. Apply to More than One - It's good to be hopeful but it's better to have a second choice. Or a third. Or even a fourth. 8. Censor Your Social Media Presence - Companies do their research well and that includes checking social media networks. Make sure nothing inappropriate can get out there or just not post anything inappropriate at all. 9. Consider The Brand's Aesthetic - Paste Magazine says you should consider the brand when dressing up. Understanding the brand is important. 10. Stay In Touch - If you didn't get that internship, it's important to stay in touch. They might remember you for the following year. Don't send an email every week but maybe every few months instead. Even if you've already accepted an internship, don't turn this one down and cross it off the list. Keep your options open because networking is essential in the fashion industry. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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