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Studying Law takes years of practice! Practice comes from internships or working under a skilled advocate or law firm. Internships are mandatory for the law students in many universities. Students apply to may law firms and advocates so that they can get to work on different cases where they can learn the strategy. Law internship gives the students the opportunity to start the ground work like draftingpolicies. Documentations, assisting the advocates, taking appointments from the clients etc. Many law firms involve interns by giving amazing internship programs where they can work under top advocates and assist them and later they can be offered permanent job opportunity. It is not necessary that students look out for getting permanent job offers only; they also can start their own independent practise after years of internship. They can even join any industry as corporate lawyers. The law is not only associated with fighting cases and going to the court every day like criminal defence attorney or civil lawyers, consumer attorneys or divorce attorneys there are a lot of job positions available for the law students like DUI Attorneys, Employmentlawyers, Environmentallawyers, medicalattorneys, corporateattorneys, immigration attorneys etc. People who practise law have to spend years of experience. They have to build trust relations with the client. A client expects a lot from his attorneys. They will open their secrets to no one else than their attorneys. Earlier it was hard to find internships as a lot of advocates were practising on their own so they could not have internship opportunities for so many students graduating each year. Nowadays with rising globalisation and rise in law firms lot of avenues are open for the fresh graduates. So enjoy this opportunity of this century and try out your luck in earning good internship from law firms and practising attorneys. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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