How to add value to your internship?

Gone are the days when you just take some summer jobs to keep yourselves busy, earn a pocket money or just to earn credits. Now is the world of competition, niche skills and much more. People plan for the jobs or business ventures long before entering the job market. It starts right from choosing the right subject for specialization and taking proper coaching and guidance. Good vocational courses, training, and internships are a step towards the bright future with good job prospects. There are many surveys done in the past and happening in future to predict what employer wants and what the students want to do with their career etc. But the trends keep on changing so here are few notes which will help you to add more value to your internships Choose a well-designed and structures internship programs: Employers spend a lot to train their interns, why? Because they want to nurture a skilled professional so that they can offer a permanent position in their company. The internship is a mutually beneficial program for students and employers but where both are benefitted. It’s important to know the main reason why the company is offering its internship, whether it’s a filling for the employees going on vacation like temporary jobs? Or a structured program where a company provides hands-on experience to its interns and later absorbs the best professionals for its future projects. Choose the influential employers: Some companies offer internship programs but they do not offer permanent positions but they might be very influential and can provide students with good business exposure where you can make good business contacts. Do not go for too short internship programs: At least one month to three-month internship program is beneficial to build the trust with the employer and understand the working of the company. Short internships give a rough impression in the resume. Choose the internship which is related to your area of study: if the company is well known and it pays handsomely to its employees and guarantee a permanent job after internship but it is not related to the area of your study is a wrong choice to make. Choose only those employers who add value to your skills do not just highlight your resume that you have worked with well-known brands. A valuable internship is that which builds the trust with the employers, make business network and most important provide dazzling job prospects for the future. For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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