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Human resource is not just recruiting people in the company; it is lot more than it! People generally confuse human resource professionals to be just another recruiting person of the company after the recruitment their job is done. Human resource is for the employees throughout their tenure in the company and thereafter also! A professional in this sector is responsible for recruitment, training on company policies, documentation, needs to solve any issues between the management and the employees, conduct healthy practices for the work culture improvement in the company. From the study point of view, it is a vast field with many areas of specialisations. For different types of industries, there are different skilled required and with a mix of all a human resource team is set up. Forexample: a consultancy firm requires recruitment specialised people, an industrial firm will require specialisation with employee welfare and administration etc. It is a public relation network so student or graduates entering this field should opt for Internships in their specialised fields. Real concerns of employees and management help the students to understand which job role suits them better and how they can shape up the career. Realchallenges, real job responsibilities and real guidance are very much required for a skilled human resource professional. Pursue Asia provides a multicultural environment for the internships which is very helpful in improving your skills as a human resource professional. The Asian destinations like India, Dubai and Singapore gives you the best industry exposure and a chance to create good business networks. All multinational companies have a great presence in Asia so interns get a wonderful opportunity to interact with the people from various cultures and increase their global reach. A good human resource professional should be good with all kinds of public dealings, good with business Management and have global approach all these qualities can be acquired by choosing internship programmes with Pursue Asia. So come join us! For further assistance related to Internship related queries in India, Dubai or Singapore, please visit :


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